Quick 20 Minute Weight Lifting Programs To Get Results on a Time Crunch!

When you don't have a lot of time to spend working out in the gym or at home, the following 4 weight lifting programs can help you save time and get good results. If you're an experienced trainee, the following routines can help you preserve muscle mass and strength so you can hold on to what you've earned over the years.

A Strategy for Super Fitness

This program features a localized muscular fitness routine, which means you will not have to use heavy weights. Its recommended that you choose a barbell with weights that you can curl for about 5 reps with solid form, and a pair of dumbbells that are, in total, approximately half the weight of the barbells. You may need to practice with a number of different barbells and dumbbells before you settle on a particular type.

If you want to be successful in this routine, emphasize good form in each exercise and follow them in the specific order below. Perform the following list in order with no rests or pauses:

5 reps -- Barbell Curl
10 reps -- DB Lateral Raise
5 reps -- Barbell Curl
10 reps -- Military Press
10 reps -- BB Bent Over Rows
20 reps -- Side Bends
10 reps -- DB Alternate Front Raises
20 reps -- DB Lunge Squats
20 reps -- DB Shrugs
20 reps -- Ab Crunches
15 reps -- BB Back Squats
15 reps -- DB Straight Arm Pullover
20 reps -- Hanging Leg Raises
12 reps -- BB Bench Press
15 reps -- BB conventional Deadlift
10 reps -- DB flies
20 reps --Calf raise

Remember that while these must be performed without a break, avoid going to failure in each exercise as you could end up sacrificing form and injuring yourself. In addition to that we would like to re-iterate the importance of using weights that you can actually handle within the given rep ranges. When in doubt, go lighter instead of heavier, and work your way up gradually.

Super Tri-Series

Here we have a very simple weight lifting program, and it can be started by performing the full barbell squat for ten repetitions. You will want to go as close to failure as you can within these 10 repetitions, so try to set your goal to completing 15 reps so you don't fall short. Immediately after the Squat set, perform 5 Pullups with the palms facing out, and finish things off by immediately doing 10 parallel bar dips with your bodyweight. The completion of all 3 exercises, without rest, completes one Tri-Set.

Its recommended that you perform the Tri-Series an additional two times for maximum effect, and train three alternating days per week. Every week, make sure you add an additional two Tri-series set of exercises until finally you work up to 10 Super Tri-Series sets per workout.

Assuming you’re not interested in working your way up to ten that fast, you can start with one, and then add an additional set each session. After that you can add two additional series per week until you have worked your way up the ten total sets. This will naturally take a bit longer, but it will provide a lesser shock on the body, which will ultimately be for the best.

Breaking Up the Sets

You don’t generally need to do all of your sets at the same time. As a matter of fact, you can do five Super Ti-series sets in the morning, and another five in the evening. Its recommended that you do the 10 sets per day for no more than five workout days, then lower it four Tri-Series for five training days, and then back up to 10, rotating between high and low sets to give your body a break.

25 Maxi-Pump Rep System

What we have here is a race-the-pump workout. This is not a workout for the faint of heart, and within this routine you will need to perform one set of 25 maxi-pump reps for each one of the following exercises. Note that these will be performed non-stop and in the order listed:

One-legged dumbbell calf raises
Leg curl on machine
Leg extension on machine
Barbell back squats
Dumbbell incline press
One-dumbbell pullover
dumbbell incline press.
Pec Dec
Barbell press (Military Press).
Dumbbell lateral raises
Barbell upright rowing
Dumbbell shrugs
Arnold Press
One-arm bent over dumbbell rowing.
Tricep Row Pushdown
Preacher barbell curls
French press
Hammer curl
Overhead extensions

This is a fairly long list, but you should note that it will only take about a half hour to work through it. In order to traverse this routine successfully it will be important that you have all the right equipment ready, including the items that need weight stripped off and on.

The Super-Ten

Welcome to the Super-Ten, a routine that conditions your muscle tone, improves lung efficiency, and even builds your strength & endurance. With one third of your body weight on a barbell, you should start the exercises, moving between them with no pause.

Barbell back squats-warm up
Dumbbell Pullover
Barbell upright rowing
Military Press
Toe Raise
Barbell (positioned on back) side bends
Lunge Squats
Dumbbell deadlift
Two-hand barbell curl
Barbell back squats

These brief workout programs will serve to maintain the body shape and muscle mass that you have earned with previous training. Give any one of these workouts a try, and before you know it, you’ll probably surprise yourself at the results achieved.